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Get started with our most popular bundle of tools!

Our Starter Pack has everything your company needs to begin seeking capital bundled for fast and simple downloads.  The Starter Pack includes our "Plug & Print" Business Plan Template and PowerPoint Investor Pitch. 

Each VC Starter Pack includes a $100 coupon towards a 3-month Business Plan Posting!

What does the VC Starter Pack include?

"Plug & Print" Business Plan Template 

Just plug in your company specific information where you're instructed, print it and you're ready to start raising capital!  No matter what business you're in, our "Plug & Print" Business Plan Template is the fastest, easiest way to produce a professional plan in the standardized format that serious investors expect. Step by step instructions tell you exactly what to plug in and carefully guide you through each required topic.

PowerPoint Investment Pitch

You've got a meeting with a potential investor... Now what?  They expect your pitch to follow certain criteria and be completed within certain time constraints.  Are you prepared to tell them what they want to hear? This downloadable PowerPoint presentation, actually used to raise $9M to date, follows the format investors demand.


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