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  Welcome to AngelSearch™, the coolest wealth identification tool ever invented! AngelSearch™ combs government records to gather investment data, industry preferences and total stock positions of America's wealthiest individuals. Giving you unlimited access to valuable contact information on potential Angel investors, customers and clients. An invaluable tool if you are trying to raise capital, find investors or wealthy new customers in your area.

Every individual in our database has a net worth* of at least $1 million. AngelSearch™ is constantly updated, cleaned and checked for accuracy. You can search the database as many times as you like, result counts are always free. Once you get a count of wealthy individuals that match your needs, you can buy all matching records (see a sample record), a portion of the records, refine your search or start a new one!

Records start as low as $1.00 (see our Pricing Menu) each and are immediately delivered online, right into your browser!

Who's got the money in your area or industry? Find out now.











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