Brazos Private Equity Partners, LLC
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100 Crescent Court
Suite 1777
Dallas, Texas 75201 United States
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Brazos Private Equity Partners, LLC ("Brazos Partners" or the "Firm") is a Dallas-based private investment firm that specializes in leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations of middle-market companies that offer the potential for substantial capital appreciation. The Firm invests primarily in manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare, media, and service businesses located throughout the United States, with a particular geographic emphasis on Texas and the Southwest.   Brazos Partners currently manages a $250 million investment fund. Brazos Partners is led by Randall S. Fojtasek, Jeff S. Fronterhouse, Patrick K. McGee and Michael D. Salim. Mr. Fronterhouse and Mr. McGee are former principals of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Incorporated ("Hicks Muse"), a leading private investment firm. Mr. Fojtasek was previously President & Chief Executive Officer of Atrium Companies, Inc., a former Hicks Muse portfolio company. Mr. Salim served as a principal, general counsel and chief financial and administrative officer of Hicks Muse. Collectively, the partners have completed over 50 transactions representing approximately $8 billion in transaction value. The partners of the Firm have extensive relationships that prove invaluable in generating investment opportunities and enhancing the value of portfolio investments. The Firm's investors include financial institutions, endowments, pension funds, as well as highly successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. This distinguished group of investors further expands the network of relationships the Firm is able to access. Additionally, Brazos Partners has a strategic relationship with Maverick Capital, a leading hedge fund manager with assets in excess of $7 billion. Maverick provides the Firm valuable industry research, proprietary investment ideas and access to capital to support larger transactions.
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